The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna


An embassy is much more than a diplomatic representation of a nation or kingdom and it speaks large volumes as to the relationship between two sovereignties. Embassies serve many purposes, and if utilised well can provide significant benefits to both the host sovereignty and the sovereignty holding the embassy. The Kingdom of Manna wishes to maintain and enhance relationships with all sovereignties that The Kingdom of Manna co-operates with, whether it be in sovereign relations, humanitarian projects or otherwise. Thus, The Kingdom of Manna intends on securing embassies in every nation that The Kingdom of Manna has diplomatic relations. A Kingdom of Manna embassy will provide access to advanced clean technologies, specialised facilities, equipment, systems, infrastructure and expertise in the areas of transportation, intelligence, cyber, legal, finance, banking, security, emergency, disaster relief, housing, education, food, water, energy and medicine.

Embassy Ambassadors

The Kingdom of Manna embassies will hold one ambassador for the citizens of the host sovereignty, and one ambassador for the sovereignty itself. In addition, every embassy of The Kingdom of Manna will house an ambassador for each of the following areas:

  • Governmental Relations
  • Tribal Relations
  • Disaster Relief
  • Health
  • Science and Education
  • Security
  • Justice
  • Finance
  • Private Business and Business Relations
  • Postal Service


On special occasions an ambassador-at-large will represent any area of The Kingdom of Manna and has the ability to travel from The Kingdom of Manna to any nation/kingdom where The Kingdom of Manna holds an embassy, or where The Kingdom of Manna has official diplomatic relations.