The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna

Important Notice

The Kingdom of Manna hereby wishes to inform all interested parties of the following:

  • In the process of delivering support from the Kingdom of Manna, financial or otherwise, the Kingdom of Manna, does not, at any time, charge upfront fees of engagement, including but not limited to, any type of advance payment, corporate bond, sovereign bond, sovereign guarantee, loan, deposit, collateral or any other financial instrument.
  • Any person seeking to be paid upfront for any effort in initiating a relationship with the Kingdom of Manna should be viewed as an imposter and not a true representative.
  • The Kingdom of Manna does not expect to be recompensed in any way by any Nation that chooses to receive support funding.
  • The Kingdom of Manna does not require any form of collateralisation for any form of funding received. This means no form of sovereign or state gaurantees, no pledge of in-ground assets of any nature, no terms of repayment to grant funding, and no promise of political favours of any nature.
  • The Kingdom of Manna is not in any way governed, regulated or controlled by any other world financial body. All grants are allocated at the decision of the Kingdom of Manna and related Sovereign Entities only.
  • The Kingdom of Manna will not permit any form of intermediary payment of fees or commissions from the capital amount of any grant allocated to any Government. Provisions for such payments are made in addition to the capital requirement for the Government requirement and will be paid in accordance with a pre-approved irrevocable master fee agreement.

If any person(s) or organisations request advance payments or deviate from the above, then they are not in any way connected to, or authorised by, the Kingdom of Manna. In such situations a full legal and criminal investigation should be initiated on these unconnected and unauthorised person(s) or organisations. Please feel free to contact the Kingdom of Manna for any help in such scenarios, directly through the Ministry of Interior of Foreign Affairs, Office of Relationship and Liaison, Lord Thomas Raphael Zaphkiel on his direct phone number: +48 572 256 776 in the hours 09.00-22.00 CET.

The Kingdom of Manna will not initiate any transaction without first having a Verification executed. Authority to Verify must be given in advance by the Kingdom of Manna and can be requested by anybody. Verification of the Kingdom of Manna and/or her Royal Monarch may be conducted via one of the following two protocol options:

  • The Governmental System: The Governmental System may be accessed via your Intelligence Agencies. Within the Governmental System lies the Agencies System. The Kingdom of Manna can be fully verified by entering the Code: FMCA7778887778889999-KOM, or FMCA7778887778889999 or by using specific search terms such as “Kingdom of Manna”, “Michael-Uriel”, etc.
  • The Global Financial System: - Interbank System (also known as the Blue screen), and the - Intergovernmental Bank System (also known as the Grey screen) The Interbank System is for private use purposes while the Intergovernmental System is only used for the Central Bank purposes.