The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna

Our global programs

Our global programs are designed to provide advanced solutions to the current crises affecting humanity and all species of Earth. In addition to a diverse range of environmental initiatives The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will dedicate much of her time, energy and resource toward vital humanitarian initiatives throughout all nine (9) regions of the world. The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will provide opportunities for all sovereign citizens. Particularly, the most vulnerable groups of people to receive the appropriate guidance, mentorship, training, medical care, organic food, clean water, housing, education, legal aid and more within their home nation. To achieve this vision The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will develop and maintain the following Global Programs:

  1. Global Health Care Program
  2. Global Air and Human Aid Program
  3. Global Shelter Program
  4. Global Holiday Program
  5. Global Veteran Program
  6. Global Diverse Ability Program
  7. Global Education Program
  8. Special Training in Health Across Borders Program
  9. Special Commodity Program
  10. Global Tribal Property and Territorial Program
  11. Global Banking Recovery Program
  12. Global Weapons Industry Program

Government Structures

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna holds full sovereign rights and has its own autonomous governmental structures. That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Royal Passports, Diplomatic Passports and Civilian Passports
  • Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Personal Identification (based on international standards)
  • Fully independent Civil Service and Public Service
  • Diplomatic International Foreign Relations
  • Apostille and Notary
  • Justice, Prison and Court Systems
  • Emergency and Disaster Relief Structures
  • Law Enforcement
  • Postal Service including Sovereign Kingdom of Manna Postal Stamps
  • Intelligence Agencies (National, International)
  • Military Forces (Navy, Army, Airforce)
  • Full Educational Systems applying to all International Standards
  • Science and Research Facilities and Programs
  • Space Programs
  • Border Control
  • Aviation and Transportation Systems for international travel of people, goods and services
  • Sea and Water Transportation Systems for international cargo of people, goods and services
  • Full Medical and Health Care System
  • Full Sovereign Owned Communication and IT System

Support Structure

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will only assist a nation/kingdom upon recognition and agreement between the nation/kingdom and the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna.That will require all monarchs involved to authorize and ratify and agreement with the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna before the assistance can be provided.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is a nation like any other. Through treaty agreements, it receives a yearly operational budget from the Manna World Holding Trust. The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna also receives an additional budget to implement the Global Security System and including the Global Disaster Relief System.

The Royal Central Bank of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will enable The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna to distribute the necessary resources to any sovereignty worldwide. This provides The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna with the ability to support and implement the Redistribution of Wealth and Global Economic Recovery Program, Debt Forgiveness Program, Plan of Experts and Global High-Speed Rail System. This activates only through official agreement and authorisation by Manna World Holding Trust, with the nation/kingdom and The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna.

Further, The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna makes recommendations to distribute and make available conditional resources such as advanced technical advice and information, specialist skills, facilities and the appropriate channels for the funding of tribal, government, non-government and humanitarian projects and programs throughout the world. The purpose of the programs and projects is to improve the living circumstances of all humankind, and support healthy, sustainable and abundant societies that operate in harmony with the natural environment. Thus, The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna promotes a directive whereby tribes, governments, nations and kingdoms work towards creating peaceful solutions that benefit all."

Support Objectives

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna’s primary focus is to provide the highest quality of service and support to all sovereignties who are willing to enter into a bi-lateral recognition of sovereignty. For those sovereignties, the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna declares a full commitment to a program of peace and prosperity through initiatives and efforts that focus on the following objectives:

  1. To improve the social, political, environmental, economic and spiritual well-being of all sovereignties.
  2. Regeneration of the air, rivers, oceans, lands, waterways, flora and fauna through the implementation of advanced clean technologies and organic practices that operate
  3. within the bounds of Sovereign Law, Monarch Law and the Seven (7) Law Families.
  4. To establish a fair court system on The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna sovereign ground, which through agreement, can be utilised by other sovereignties for holding the appropriate forum to handle any legal matter on neutral ground, without external influence or control.
  5. To provide access to a combination of natural, integrative and preventative medical, health and well-being options for all people.
  6. To establish sustainable world-leading hospitals and health treatment facilities.
  7. To establish sustainable world-leading research, development and innovation centres.
  8. To enhance each sovereignty’s ability to preserve, protect and care for their land, resources, technology, law, science, language, art, customs, knowledge and way of life.
  9. To provide options for all people to heal, learn and grow as individuals with the necessary opportunities to live a purposeful life and make a positive contribution to their families, communities, tribes, clans, nations or kingdoms.
  10. To provide educational, learning and skills development options for all people.
  11. To support sustainable economic growth for sovereignties worldwide.
  12. To ensure that the economic activities of The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna, her subsidiaries and officers, are for the benefit of all people, especially the less fortunate, weak and suppressed people of the world, and also in the absolute best interests of the health of the people as well as for a sustainable environment throughout the world long-term.
  13. Strengthening and stabilising the currency of sovereign nations/kingdoms worldwide, by enhancing their ability to increase goods, services, trade and production lines while taking care of the people, animals and the environment.
  14. To assist in the protection of sacred sites, natural ecosystems and diversity of species, through the purchase of land on either a sovereign or private level, for humanitarian, cultural, land and care of species projects.
  15. To support the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms to equally thrive as is for the greater good of all.
  16. To create sustainability in the areas of organic farming, food production, manufacturing, clean medicine, water, manufacturing, advanced material production, building and transportation through best practice methods, clean energy and innovation.
  17. To support co-operative working relationships between tribes and local governments of the host nation or kingdom, so as to provide all citizens access to vital goods and services.

Recognition of Royal Monarchs, Sovereign Nations, Kingdoms and Tribes

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will officially recognize a nation as a sovereign unto itself, completely independent with full sovereign status and rights. This means that nobody, including The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna, Manna World Holding Trust, or any other sovereign nation/kingdom or sovereign entity, can dictate to that nation what to do in any manner whatsoever.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna acknowledges Manna World Holding Trust’s intention to absolve all undesirable treaties and agreements currently in force between each nation/kingdom and those of Manna World Holding Trust’s former custodians, trustees, managers, power of attorney holders and or higher tier organisations, and all subsidiaries of these entities, which may infringe on the said nation’s newly established full and sovereign rights. Under sovereign law, and by this declaration, no sovereign shall govern over another in any way, whatsoever.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna acknowledges that Manna World Holding Trust has also allocated, and is prepared for transfer, first electronically and then physically when applicable, via treaty acknowledgments, all assets now past due to each nation/kingdom on Earth. It is recognised that a Royal Monarch is the legal representative of a sovereignty as well as being a sovereign citizen of that sovereignty. By acknowledging the head of the sovereign nation, kingdom, tribe or clan as the Royal Monarch, it will then enable them to enter into, authorise and ratify treaties with other sovereignties, including Manna World Holding Trust, The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna and all other sovereign nations, sovereign kingdoms and sovereign entities worldwide.

The reigning Royal Monarch has the ability to authorise the cancellation of any of the old treaties and agreements with Manna World Holding Trust’s former custodians, trustees, managers, power of attorney holders and or higher tier organisations as previously mentioned. This is the manner in which the sovereignty can free themselves from any and all former treaties and agreements with the former sub-sovereign entities, or old management team, that previously acted under Manna World Holding Trust.

Once this has been completed, the reigning Royal Monarch can issue live bonds for all their people, officially recognising every citizen as a monarch. This simply means that every citizen becomes a sovereign citizen, bound by the laws of the nation/kingdom in which they reside. This process will free any nation/kingdom and all their citizens from the Cestui Que Vie Agreement.